Saturday, September 5, 2020

I Made The Top 10!

Hi there Pink Babes,
I was so surprised to find this package in the mail from my wonderful Mary Kay Director.
It was so exciting to find out I ranked #8 in our Unit! She sent me a certificate and this gorgeous Kendra Scott necklace ~ It’s beautiful!!
I love my Mary Kay business and want to say thank you to all my customers that support me and made this possible. Thanks for trusting me with your precious faces!
Have a relaxing Libor Day weekend ~

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Craft Room Organization!

Hey Crafty Friends - so on my list things to do today, I will be reorganizing a bit of my craft room. Not the most exciting thing ever but I am so much happier when I am all done.
I am putting the finishing touches on a Free Guide to organizing my stuff so hit me up, leave a comment below "I want one" if you’d be interested in receiving it... It’s free, did I mention that? 😆

Friday, July 17, 2020

My Everyday Morning Skincare Routine | Gale

Happy Fri-YaY Pink Babes,
We made it! Are you ready for the weekend? I am for sure and it's going to be scortching HOT here in Chicago - ugh...
Do you wonder if your morning skincare routine is reeeaaalllyyy getting your face in tip-top shape for the day and creating the perfect cavas for your cosmetics to be applied to???
Look no further, I am sharing with you my morning routine and putting on a summertime, fresh face before I head out the door.
Come along and follow my step-by-step, easy peasy "Get Ready With Me" morning routine and put your best face forward.

Stay cool sweet friends,

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

What Comes In The Mary Kay Stater Kit | Should I Start My Own Biz | Now ...

Hi there Pink Friends,
Have you ever thought about starting your own Mary Kay business? Are you curious to see what comes in the Starter Kit? Can you believe you will receive over $400 in Full Size Products and Materials for just $99?
Come along as I share with you all the pink goodness and the uber cute box everything comes in that can set you on the road to success.


Big Pink Hugs,

With You All The Way | Kendra Scott | Mary Kay

  Happy Tuesday Pink Babes,
Grab your favorite beverage and check out this sweet interview and chat with the one and only Kendra Scott. I LOVE Kendra Scott jewelry and I just have to mention from the start that I need the earrings that she is rockin' in this interview they are GOJUS!!!
It's really amazing to learn about her background and where it all started... We all have so many influences in our lives and I know I am determined to be a leader and guide women to better themselves and improve their futures.
On a side note, a little bird has told me that Kendra Scott will be designing some of the Achievement Jewelry that as Mary Kay Beauty Consultants we  can earn each quarter - yippee!


Have a blessed day,

Monday, July 13, 2020

My Night Time Beauty Routine | Using Mary Kay

Hey there Pink Babes,
I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and you are healthy and safe...
In this video I share with you my nightly Skincare Routine that I look forward to each and everyday. There is nothing better than changing into my comfy p,j.s, washing the day away and relaxing before hitting the sack for the night.
It's so important to make sure you remove your makeup every night, it's the time of the day when your skin renews itself and cells turn over.
Contact me if you have any skincare issues you would like to change, I am here to guide you to obtaining the very best skin you can have!
If you already have a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant ask her about these products and so much more!


Big Pink Hugs,

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Mary Kay Hydrogel Eye Patches ~

The most pampering part of my day! These #MaryKay Hydrogel Eye Patches are luxurious and hydrating. I love how cool and refreshed they make my eyes look and feel. They are apart of my Sunday night  facial as well as a midweek pick me up! 
Did I mention they have little pink sparkles in them??? 💕 
Pink Hugs,